Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today was simply one of those days where as soon as you look out the window and see how beautiful it is outside your simply cant do anything except go outside and enjoy the day. So when it looks like this outside..... you go outside.

So I went for a nice walk out along the road following the water and the old coal bucket lines, which made for some great pictures.

It is also interesting when you walk around Longyearbyen that anything that was built here during the original mining in Longyearbyen in now considered historic and can not be touched. So anything from the towers in the picture above to old rust cables have to be left where they are, which makes for some interesting sights. Also some of the towers and such buildings have been knocked down in small avalanches and all remains can not be touched. Which means that some that when you are walking around you constantly see old rusty cables lining the ground.

I also found a small pool of water by the side of the road with another good example of the rusted cabling that lies all across the countryside.

Farther down the road I had to take a picture of this truck because it truly is the most popular car out here and I cant say I have ever seen one in the US. Also I would say this would make a great advertisement for the Toyota Hilux

Also while I am on the subject of transportation I have thought that it is strange that the only type of road sign that can be seen in Longyearbyen is this.

Which of course means that they don't have any stop signs and at any intersection there is only these yield signs, which I find very odd. Although it works very well and I have not seen anything close to an accident. I am sure this mostly comes from the fact that there is not a lot of traffic out here in Longyearbyen but it is also an impressive view on the people here.

There was also a boat sitting in the bay that made for a very nice picture.

Overall it was a beautiful day here and this may of had something to do with the lack of a large tourist boat sitting at dock but I can only hope the beautiful weather continues.


  1. The pictures are so nice on this one, Drum :) Take it all in now before you have to come home.